Overcast Stitch

One important part of cross stitching is the overcast stitching.

It is often used as an accent and to keep the edges of your material from fraying and becoming unraveled.

Like many of the other types of basic embroidery stitches used in cross stitching, this one is fairly easy to do and can be used in regular hand sewing projects in addition to cross stitch.

The technique of making this particular stitch is just to bring up the threaded needle a short distance in from the edge of the fabric usually about an eighth of an inch is enough and cross the edge of the fabric before bringing the needle through the fabric for the next stitch.

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This embroidery stitch is also called a whipstitch and is often done one direction first then the fabric can be turned and these stitches can be sewn across the previous stitches to keep them secure.

When using the overcast or whip stitching on hand crafted projects it is important to remember to keep the same amount of tension in all the stitches.

This process will keep the fabric from getting wrinkled or be warped out of shape which would cause it to be uneven when framed.

The color also might make a difference because it depends on how much thread you want to show.

If you are framing the cross stitch project, it will probably be hidden otherwise a neutral color for the embroidery stitch may work best.

The easiest way to tell is to try some trial stitches to see how they look and if you need to change them it will be easier to do so with only a few stitches sewn.

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