How To Backstitch

Learning how to backstitch can be an important part of your cross stitching.

The back stitch is perhaps the stitch you will be using a great deal in cross stitching as well as any hand sewing you have, such as quilting for example.

In cross stitching, this is used mostly as an outlining stitch for the figures or design you are creating.

This simple basic backstitch seems more difficult but it is an easy one to learn.

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The materials needed are cross stitch fabric, embroidery floss, scissors and an embroidery hoop.

The first step is to place the cross stitch material in the hoop, then separate the embroidery floss into two strands.

Thread the needle and tie a knot in the end.

Hold the embroidery hoop in your left hand, and the threaded needle in your right, and then select a spot to start from in your design.

Push the needle up through the fabric until the knot is against the bottom of the fabric, move the needle to the right of where the thread comes up, about an eighth or a quarter of an inch then insert the needle into the fabric.

Bring the pointed end up about a quarter of an inch on the left side of the knot and gently pull it snug.

That's it; you have completed your first of many backstitches.

One important thing to remember, keep your thread snug and watch out for knots or kinks in the floss, it is frustrating when you look underneath and find a knot that your didn't realize was there.

Sometimes it a good idea to use glittery embroidery floss for backstitching if you need to as this adds a nice touch to the cross stitch project.

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