Frog Patterns

Looking for some frog patterns? There are a lot of individuals who just love these little green creatures, and even collect them.

Add a frog cross stitch design to one of your projects, or design a project around one of the adorable green friends.

As each new frog cross stitch pattern is added to the site, they will be posted on the frog list below.

If you already know how to needlework, the tips listed below should get you on your way.

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If though you are now discovering cross stitch, re-examine the Cross Stitch Instructions page for further directions.

All of these frog patterns were generated via PCStitch Pro and the visuals are Royalty-Free, waived of all rights, including copyright from Open ClipArt .


1. Evaluate the chart before commencing the cross stitching. If you find any unfamiliar cross stitches, be sure you become acquainted with these stitches are achieved.

2. Pick the textile. If you have a desired cloth style and floss count or if you have a certain size that you want to make, be sure to translate the inches to thread count to the fabric size.

3. Decide before starting how you are going to pose the ending piece. Insert adequate space about the edges to accommodate the concluding product.

4. Take care of the edges of the material to avoid unraveling of the edges for the duration of the cross stitching.

5. Locate the midpoint of your fabric and mark the section.
6. Darn some gridlines if needed.

7. Select the thread vital to finish the design.

8. If the stitching is going to be finished on any material that will be deterioration or cleaned at any time, launder the colored floss before beginning the project.

9. As each shade of cross stitch floss is utilized, cut down the floss into convenient sections of about 15-18inches.

10. Each square on the design stands for one stitch. Match up the figure with the diagram supplied.

11. Cross stitch the guide. Several cross stitchers prefer working from the center of the design out, whilst some prefer to count from the center of the fabric down to the bottom most point of the pattern and start there.

Frog Images

  • Red Eyed Tree Frogs
  • Happy Frog Head
  • Cartoon Frog Picture
  • Sitting Frog Funny
  • Frog Outline

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