Free Dragon Cross Stitch Patterns

Looking for free dragon cross stitch patterns?

Dragons can be fun and easy to add to any cross stitch material you desire.

This page will list some dragon cross stitch designs that you can print, or download to your computer.

All designs are created using PCStitch Pro and the graphics are Royalty-Free, waived of all rights, including copyright from Open ClipArt .

All of the designs and links to the graphs are listed at the bottom of this page.

Please read the directions below for information on creating these designs and downloading the files.


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If you already know how to do cross stitch, the instructions beneath will get you going in no time. If however you are recently learning needleworking, re-examine the Cross Stitch Instructions site for added information.

  • 1. Examine the diagram before beginning the project. If there are any new stitches, make certain you become familiar with these stitches are achieved.
  • 2. Choose the fabric. If you have a favorite textile style and floss count or if you have a certain size that you want to make, make certain to translate the inches to thread count to the fabric size.
  • 3. Determine before starting how you are going to present the final product. Insert enough space around the edges to hold the concluding plan.
  • 4. Take care of the edges of the fabric to dodge unraveling of the edges for the duration of the stitching.
  • 5. Locate the center of your fabric and mark the section.
  • 6. Darn some gridlines if needed.
  • 7. Pick the floss required to stitch the design.
  • 8. If the stitching is going to be done on any material that will be deterioration or cleaned at any phase, wash the floss before stitching.
  • 9. As each tint of thread is utilized, cut it into handy sections of around 15-18“.
  • 10. Each square on the pattern represents one cross stitch. Match up the character with the diagram given.
  • 11. Stitch the guide. A few cross stitchers enjoy starting in the middle of the pattern out, though others enjoy calculating from the middle of the fabric down to the bottom most point of the picture and start there.

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