Free Cross Stitch Chart

You can do a search on the internet for a specific free cross stitch chart.

Using Google as your search engine will provide a variety of patterns to choose from.

Cross stitch charts or patterns are available online in many different designs that are available for personal use, like other printed media, they are subject to copyright laws.

The availability of patterns is what will help you to give added life to your cross stitching hobby, the range of ideas available is astonishing from simple alphabet samplers to ornate depictions of famous works of art.

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Several of the cross stitch sites that offer free cross stitch patterns and charts are as follows, with a brief description of what they offer.

The first of these is Alita Designs ; it offers designs and patterns primarily for the fourteen-stitch count Aida fabric and the use of DMC threads.

Do a search on the site for any specific free cross stitch chart.

The designs offered include a black and white chart with a color key that is downloadable in either gif or jpg files.

The types of patterns range from simple motifs to animals, flowers and religious designs.

Next, we have a site called Free Cross Stitch Patterns ; it too, is a great place to find free patterns for cross stitching.

The organization and information offered here is a bit better than that of the alitadesigns site, with more explanation of different types of patterns and designs, from oriental to baby and many in between.

This website is unique in that it offers a place to change the language so that the visitor may read it easier and not have to translate from English into a different language.

Often, a crafter will become adept at creating their own designs and offer them for people to download free but some have control and ask that their designs not be made into kits or sold.

Free Patterns On Line is one of these sites that offers free cross stitch patterns for personal use or teaching but not for sale.

Many designs are available in this site, since it has been in business for over 12 years.

The guide to designing your own blank charts is on this site also, with a rule of how many stitches equal a design of how many inches, a very handy tool to use.

The next site to consider, Craft Town has a listing of other sites that offer free patterns and it offers different categories and is organized by season, which is handy if you are hunting for a particular project for cross stitching.

A learning center and connections to other types of stitching crafts are located on this site.

These are just the tip of the iceberg as far as cross stitch designs and patterns go but they will give you a good idea of different designs available for the novice, experiences and master cross stitcher to use, free of cost.

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