Floss Organizer

The embroidery floss organizer is a great way to keep track of the different shades and hues of colored embroidery floss that you will be working with when cross stitching.

Whether you are using DMC embroidery floss, another brand or mixing your brands, an organizer will assist you in holding and separating your colors.

Often, there is little difference between certain shades of colors and knowing the number and color can save a great deal of time when cross stitching your design; however that is where an organizer will help you to complete your work more quickly.

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How to organize your cross stitch floss is entirely up to you but there are some handy tips that will save time and money.

Card stock is a great way to organize embroidery floss, just punch a hole for each color needed, then secure the floss loosely in that spot.

Write the name of the color and the number if you know it or write the symbol that your cross stitch chart uses to make it easier.

Another way to organize your floss is to use paper bobbins and a sorting tray to keep the colors from becoming scrunched together and tangled.

Write the color number or name on the bobbin.

Some cross stitchers have used a computer program to organize their floss by printing out the information on a spreadsheet form and others use clear plastic snack bags to keep the embroidery floss clean and neat.

You might need to try a couple of different ways when using a floss organizer to find the best one that works for you system.

There are a myriad of ways to organize and the main thing to remember is keep it easy to use and remember which color goes where, as some floss numbers are different then other manufacturers, such as DMC and Anchor.

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