DMC Cross Stitch Patterns

DMC cross stitch patterns will be listed here for your downloading needs.

Since DMC is the brand most commonly used in cross stitching, the patterns will use this floss.

There will be many small cross stitch patterns that can be made in a weekend, along with designs that are a lot more complicated for the more advanced stitchers.

These free online cross stitch patterns are available for you to print and use them for your own personal use. Please don’t sell them or add them to any kits.

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All designs are made using PCStitch Pro and the graphics are Royalty-Free, waived of all rights, including copyright from Open ClipArt .

I also ask that these downloadable cross stitch patterns not be put on any other web pages or linked to directly using my server. If you would like to have your visitors see the charts, please link to this site.

The patterns will be listed in alphabetical order and added over a period of time. The designs are in a PDF format that can be opened, viewed and printed.

You can download the free reader here .

All the colors are represented for DMC floss. If you use Anchor, J & P Coats, or Sullivans floss instead of DMC, use this handy conversion chart .

Print them out on your home computer or view them using the PDF reader. With the reader you can enlarge the designs to see the symbols and colors easier.

Check back often to view any new additional free online cross stitch patterns.

Each page has two images of the pattern. In the first image, you will see the picture with only the colored blocks, and the second picture shows the pattern with the various symbols.

The legend shows three individual columns. The first column shows all the different symbols for the design. The second column indicates the color of the square and the last column shows the color number for each square.

When placed on the site, they will be listed below:

DMC Cross Stitch Patterns:

  • Baby Cross Stitch Designs
  • Cross Stitch Borders
  • Floral Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Free Cross Stitch Alphabets
  • Free Dragon Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Free Patriotic Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Free Religious Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Frog Patterns
  • Small Cross Stitch Patterns

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