Cross Stitch Grid

Creating a cross stitch grid is one of the most time saving tips that will end up saving a lot of time and effort while cross stitching any size project from small hanging ones to the largest of the wall decorations available.

Often, there is a difference in the fabric and kit sizes.

This is why a making a grid pattern on your cross stitch project will be helpful, as it will assist you to see where you are without losing your place. This can be a real time saver as you work your project!

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It will also allow you to make a more accurate placing of stitches and colors without getting off track and having to remove the previous stitching to re-do a section.

Many of the cross stitch grid products are made from thin nylon thread or even quilting thread that will stand out against the cross stitch fabric.

Gridding is often done in ten by ten squares or even five by five if the design is a complicated one. It is best to use a contrasting thread color and to knot it before placing in the cross stitch fabric.

After finding the center, you can then create a running stitch every ten stitches in your fabric.

This is the basis for the ten by ten grid, if you feel the need, you can go cross wise with the gridline also as this will give you a better basis for lining up the stitches correctly, essential when doing counted cross stitch projects.

Regardless of the method of gridding when preparing cross stitch fabric for use, it is certain that the completion of this preparation step will save countless frayed nerves and time.

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