Basting Stitch

The basting stitch is an essential suture in sewing, regardless of the type that you are working on, because it the one used to hold two different pieces of cloth together so they can be worked on easier.

In making clothes, it is used to hold together seams so that the sewer can see if the clothes fit well or need adjusting before a regular seam is sewn; therefore, it is important to learn how to baste when sewing.

This is not to be confused with basting birds while baking them for dinner.

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To make the basting suture, take the two pieces of cloth and lay them together with the edges even.

You might pin or tack them if needed to keep the pieces from sliding apart.

Thread your needle with a length of thread and tie a knot. These stitches are usually longer than regular stitches and only used temporarily.

After knotting the thread, hold the two pieces of cloth in your left hand and with your threaded needle in your right hand, push the needle up from the bottom of the cloth, pulling gently to bring the knot against the cloth.

Move the needle over to either the right or left about a half inch to an inch and insert.

This is your first basting stitch, continue making them as needed.

Using this method you will not have to follow a line to keep your stitches straight, but it helps how to baste if you do keep them somewhat straight.

To remove the stitches after the final seem is added, clip the end of the thread, then work your needle underneath the stitch on the top of the cloth then pull gently from the knotted end to remove.

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