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Cross Stitch can be a very relaxing and creative craft. This site will be built around my remembrance and rediscovery of this beautiful and inspiring art.

Many years ago, I did a little needlework. It was very time consuming. With nine children, there just wasn’t enough me time.

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However, my oldest sister did have more time and created some fabulous needlework. She even gave me a piece that I will treasure and keep forever.

The piece she created for me is a wedding announcement and even though we are now divorced, this piece adorns my wall as a reminder of the time and love that went into creating the art work. When I look at this needlework, I can almost visualize my sister’s nimble fingers counting and carefully sewing each stitch.

My sister passed away a few years ago after a long battle with cancer. She and I were never close until that last year of her life. This site is dedicated to her and the passion she had for needlework.

Now that my children are all grown up, I have decided to rediscover this craft. As I venture out, I will be sharing instructions and information.

There are various embroidery kits that can be purchased. From simple to advanced, these kits will help you in getting started and advancing in this art.

I will also be sharing a few needlepoint samples that I create. So, follow along as I walk this path and share my adventure.

Recent Additions to the Site


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This is a listing with descriptions of the most recent articles on the site. They are listed in sequential order, with the most recent article being listed first. For an alphabetical listing of all the pages, please do a search on the site map page.

Floss Bobbin - A floss bobbin is a convient way to store and organize your cross stitch floss. These can be purchased either in plastic or cardboard.

Knots - Knots are a regular and repeated dilemma when cross stitching. The thread gets twisted and you end up with a mess. Learn more about solving this predicament.

Instructions - Referring to the written needlepoint instructions will assist you in producing a product that you will be proud of displaying or gifting.

Natural Light Bulbs - Natural light bulbs will assist you when cross stitching. Not only do these lights give you the actual color of the floss, but provide the benefit of less strain on your eyes while working.

Metallic Thread - Metallic thread can enhance your cross stitching, but use is sparingly so that you don’t overwhelm the piece.

Fabric Stabilizer - A fabric stabilizer is sometimes needed to support cross stitching on certain material. They come in a variety of types depending on your particular project.

Embellished Cross Stitch - Embellished cross stitch is a bit different than normal counted cross stitching. It has the main design already printed on the fabric, usually in color and all you are doing is adding some stitching to the printed design.

Stab Method - You will sometimes hear the term, stab method in cross stitching. What is this technique, what are the advantages and drawbacks of using this when cross stitching your projects?

Reversible Cross Stitch - The reversible cross stitch is used to create a piece that is viewed from both sides. This might be on a hanging ornament or any object that needs to have stitches that can be seen on both sides of the project.

Railroading - Railroading is a term that describes how the thread is laying during cross stitching. It is provides a smooth appearance to your finished project.

Loop Method - The loop method of securing your floss before stitching is a quick and simple way to make sure the thread is secure and won’t come loose during the process.

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Lean all the basics of cross stitching. Here are some of the basic information pages that will assist you in getting started in this craft.